Welcome to Stockholm Dyslexia Centre (SDC)!

We now have a new adress! You are most welcome to Banérgatan 37, 115 22 Stockholm.                                                                                                                                  Closest tube station is "Karlaplan" (the red line to Ropsten).

Latest research within the field support the view that Dyslexia or Specific reading disability primarely is a linguistic coding deficit, that most probably is due to reading difficulties. We work with people   of all ages who have dyslexia or other learning difficulties/deficits together with reading and writing problems. Dyslexia will most certainly without proper treatment  develop into a handicap. We use English test materials. Stockholm Dyslexia Centre (SDC) offers you help to improve your reading, writing and arithmetic abilities. We work on a one-to-one basis individual hour with our tools using a multisensory approach, so that you will be better equipped when having to deal with the never-ending demands in the information age we now live in.

Weaknesses for dyslexic people :

  • Cannot do simple tasks but can complete more sophistic atedactivities
  • Spells poorly
  • Has poor handwriting
  • Reversals of letter and poor formation of letters is common.
  • Inconsistencies in reading ability
  • Either good comprehension but poor reading skills or vice versa
  • Does not respond well or consistently to auditory instructions / information.
  • Difficulty with rote memorisation, sequential learning
  • Difficulty copying from the blackboard
  • Frequently off task and frustrates easily


Strengths that can be seen in dyslexic persons:

  • High scores on the WISC in Vocabulary,
  • Similarities,
  • Block design,
  • Abstract reasoning and Spatial reasoning
  • Great knowledge and passion for subjects of interest
  • Divergent thinkers - involving unusual, original, imaginative and creative thought processes
  • Exellent visual memory and Active imagination
  • Sophisticated sence of humour
  • Can show exeptional skills in mathematical reasoning, geometry

Stockholm Dyslexia Centre is now  situated on Banérgatan 37, 115 22 Stockholm 


Do not hesitate to give us a call on +46-(0)8-669 07 10